The Parties Are Over

“Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.” — Rudy Giuliani

It might be one of the best sound bites to come out of the DNC and RNC parties. It does seem as we are absolutely ensconced in teh era of the sound bite, though. To me, nothing seems thought out, planned, or enlightened as far as the job goes. The path to the job is strategized to the Nth degree, but there’s no substance behind any of them. I feel as though Obama is a stick figure with no flesh or though, just an eloquent speaker with a bit of charisma. McCain strikes me as a career politico that would melt into a puddle if left out in the sun for too long. Biden is a component that is well passed his expiration date. Palin is about the only thing that is breathing energy into the campaign right now, but I’m not in line with all of her views. So, it’s gonna be another election of choosing between the lesser of two evils.


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