Dry Tension

So we did all this prep for Gustav and never got as much as a drop of rain where I live. Yesterday, I had to drive west on I-10 towards San Antonio to drop off some stuff for a customer. For most of the two hour drive, all I saw was a never ending line of mobile cherry pickers and generators heading east. It was like a giant convoy of electrical aid heading toward the Louisiana swamp. And it certainly made me feel like I had dodged a bullet. And speaking of bullets, that stuff that I was dropping off was at a small airport near Seguin, Texas. I legally carry a concealed weapon, but even I know that you are not supposed to do that in the secure area of an airport. But I drove right onto the airport property through an open and unmanned gate, parked 10 yards from a very expensive private jet and did not see a single TSA type person the whole time. It felt weird. And the weirdness continues. My wife has taken her mother to the outpatient surgical facility for the MIL’s first round of lens replacement as a treatment for her cataracts. This is the same MIL who has staunchly refused to see a doctor of any kind for something like 20 or 30 years. I’m guessing cranky will be the general feeling for a few days…


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