Furture Melt For Chocolate City?

A recent University of New Orleans survey found concern about levee safety was dropping, replaced by crime, incompetent leadership and corruption. For the foreseeable future, New Orleans will be surrounded by levees unable to protect against another storm like Katrina. When the Army Corps of Engineers finishes $14.8 billion in post-Katrina work, the city will have what are defined as 100-year levees. Under that standard, experts say that every house being rebuilt in New Orleans has a 26 percent chance of flooding again over a 30-year mortgage; and every child born in New Orleans would have nearly a 60 percent chance of seeing a major flood in his or her life.

Allow me to translate this for you. Money has been flowing in like flood water to the New Orleans area to throw at “solutions” to the flooding ravages of Katrina. There has been typical Louisiana leadership stupidity, contractor graft and corruption, engineering guffaws, and people who actually believe that their “Chocolate City” is going to be protected when the next one hits. Congratulations to New Orleans. You’ve actually proved the old political adage that people invariable get the government that they deserve.

This isn’t a black versus white thing. This isn’t about throwing more money at old solutions that we know do not work. This isn’t about Bush or FEMA or a stupid governor or mayor. It’s about Mother Nature and the fact that people have chosen to build a city where they know that storms and floods will converge. It’s about a city built below sea level and next to a temperamental lake that is held back with a few scoops of gravel and some concrete. It’s about a group of people that keep putting others in charge that have no capacity to solve problems.

There are a few things that I can guarantee: There will be more tropical storms that affect New Orleans. The levees and flood walls will fail. The President will be blamed for whatever ills befall the city. Criminals and politicians will prosper.


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  1. 1 doctorj
    August 24, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Rebuilding New Orleans


    I thought you would like a little reality in the bubble you created for yourself.

  2. August 24, 2008 at 10:36 am

    Why would you think that I am living in a bubble? I would like the corruption eliminated and an effective plan implemented so that real protection is offered to the people that choose to live there. Sadly, the graft-laden leaders of the area are more content to sow false hope while lining their own pockets. Bubble, indeed.

  3. July 14, 2009 at 1:55 am

    I live in lakeview and it’s pretty clear it will flood again and most of the rebuilds will be destroyed again. Most of the rebuilds are not raised. The biggest issue is that one break in the levee’s anywhere floods the city. The city really needs to have several raised ridges so it is less like a bowl and more like a cupcake pan. Oh well.

    I’ve lived on the sea in a sailboat as a liveaboard, cape cod. I’ve lived in rural Indiana with floods and rivers there. I know the power of water, it’s absolutely amazing and devastating and when it comes there is no stopping it, or shoring things up during. Combine that to people stealing the backup batteries from the pump stations and houma not being able to deal with a simple surge… honestly I don’t think it will take a hurricane. Just one big prolong surge from the south and some good rain from the north via the mississippi, one break in the levee and it’s all over. Because after all we still have a bowl landscape so a break anywhere can flood everything.

    I really hope that we New Orlenians aren’t expecting public outcry and sympathy when it floods again? After all we are just doing the same thing that got us into problems in the first place. Besides Nagans chocolate city comment wasn’t taken well by many non african americans who pitched in with donations and labor to help restore the city. It was such a separatist thing to say, people from all over and every skin tone being told that they didn’t belong unless they were chocolate. It was so sad, and racist. You have one major point that is exactly head on, people deserve the government they have. If it would have been a white mayor saying something about it being a “White city”. Whites and blacks would be running the SOB out of town on a rail.

    Oh and just an aside, every 10,000 years the earth goes through some major major weather patterns and we haven’t been through one in over 10,500 years and many predict that we are coming into one, maybe man made with the extra carbon. So we need to be building and designing for the 10,000 year old storm and not the hundred year old one.

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