NRA Deadline Oopsie

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I am a member of the NRA. I don’t agree with everything they do or even all of their approaches, but I agree with a lot of what they represent. I may think that it is silly that they probably spend more than the amount of my annual dues in postage and printing to send me materials begging for more money, but I digress… Like any other politcal action committee (PAC), the NRA often points out important political races and urges their members to support candidates who are gun rights supporters. The recent NRA publication of American Rifleman may prove to be a bit problematic:

Senator Ted Stevens, R—a former NRA director—is one of the most senior members of the Senate and a very valuable asset to gun owners. His long service includes unflinching support for the Second Amendment, and his seniority is a valuable asset for gun owners. As former chairman of the all-important Appropriations committee and now the senior Republican in the Senate, he is in a key position to advance pro-gun legislation and to fight the anti-gun schemes that are certain to be introduced in the coming years. He is facing one of his strongest challenges in years and will need the help and support of gun owners to maintain his seat.

I’m guessing that Senator Stevens’ indictment was handed down after the deadline for copy changes had passed. The laundry list of things that the Senator is charged with is pretty amazing. He has not been proven guilty, but he sure does have a pretty strong stink. And that is probably something that the NRA kinda wants to distance itself from. “The NRA stands for American values…” I’m guessing the taint of corruption, greed, graft, and kickbacks are really not part of that value system.


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  1. August 22, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    That’s pretty funny/sad about Stevens. FWIW, my husband did not renew his NRA membership after one year precisely because he got so many (and some that seemed worded for 2nd graders) mailers begging for money.

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