Kids Cheat Death

Airsoft guns are nothing new. But when kids chop the orange tip off the gun and cover up the rest of the paint with black marker, taunt and threaten neighbors, have law enforcement “roll” on them and do not immediately put the toy down, it’s a wonder that they survived to actually get charged. Kudos to the Champaign County Sheriff’s department (Illinois) for being able to control the situation.

Pointing anything that vaguely looks like a weapon at somebody else is an egregious violation of basic firearm safety. I’ve told the neighborhood kids the same thing when they decide to play commando and wind up popping one of my kids or my cars (they don’t do it around us anymore). Having one of these toys in your hand and refusing the direct commands of a police officer who is already in a heightened state of alert is on par with suicide. Just sayin’…


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