Beating The Heat

We are at the peak of the summer heat in the Houston area. Temps regularly hover around 100 degrees with humidity at nearly similar oppressive levels. It’s stifling and it’s expensive. Very expensive. Government to the rescue. Sylvester Turner wants to make sure that no power company can turn off the tap for non-payment during the heat. He starts off by saying that this is way to prevent the elderly from getting baked, but then goes on to say… a deferred payment plan should be in place for people struggling to pay their full bills. “If you have air conditioning, turn it on and allow people like myself and others to work on your behalf in dealing with your bills.”

A couple of thoughts come to mind. WTF??? I’m pretty sure there were elderly and infirmed in this area before there was AC… I’d love to be able to run my AC at 70 degrees and have gubbermint force TXU to set up a plan that I can afford to pay off the mountain of debt (50 years, no interest please)… Why should government come in and take the place of plans that are already working? There are plenty of payment charities set up for power bill difficulties. All of this is just wrong. There are already a bajillion rules that regulate utilities. Sylvester can’t be everyone’s mammy.


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