Stop The Presses!

There are many forms of spam. Your email boxes are likely bulging with the taint of penis pills, stock scams, lottery winnings and more. Your regular mail box is likely stuffed with grocery touts and other unsolicited printed matter. If you have a phone line, you get telemarketing, unless you register for the national Do Not Call program. You can put a dent in the mailed crud by paying to get your address deleted. But what about those giant telephone directories that get piled on your doorstep every 12 minutes? I really do not care a single iota about the fact that most are made from recycled material. I do not need them, I do not want them, I do not like the fact that I have to pay to throw each and every one of them away. I use the Interwebtubes to look up numbers. It takes less time and is much less dirty.

I counted them up last year. Or at least I tried. I stopped counting at 100. That’s right, I had over 100 of these newsprint behemoths dumped on my doorstep. I want out. Receiving these things should be a strictly opt-in program. Unless I tell you that I want it, don’t send it.


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