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Random Crap

Obama is suggesting that we all pay attention to the tire inflation on our automobiles. It’s actually not a bad idea.  Form a post on J-Walk: “How many cars have underinflated tires? A Department of Transportation study dating back to 2001 says that 60 to 80 percent of cars on the road are running tires underinflated by as much as 10 percent. Worse yet, they say that 20 to 50 percent of them are driving with tires down in pressure by as much as 20 percent… According to the Department of Energy, underinflated tires alone cost the country more than 1.25 billion gal. of gasoline annually-roughly 1 percent of the total consumption of 142 billion gallons.” Okay, do the math. At $3.89 per gallon, that works out to almost $5 billion. In the grand scheme of things, it ain’t much, but I’d gladly do without the whack on my fuel bill. Oh wait, I already keep my tires inflated.

I wonder what the carbon footprint and net effect on pollution 40,000 fireworks shells at the Beijing Olympics opening is? Hell, $20 billion is a lot to spend on an event. Hope it’s fun…

The rumour mill is in full grind as it is being speculated that Google is going to purchase Sprint-Nextel. I’m not sure how I feel about this. But something about the “synergy” between Google’s speed and Sprint’s sponsorship of NASCAR…

I blogged a few days ago about how OfficeMax violated their American Express merchant agreement by refusing to complete my charge transaction without seeing my ID. I’ve written and emailed to OfficeMax corporate and Amex Merchant Services. Haven’t heard back. But I did got to Office Depot yesterday. I talked to the manager, who was very helpful in assisting me in the location of various and sundry supplies, and explained to him why he now had the entirety of my office supply business. He actually giggled. And he gave me a coupon that saved me a not insubstantial sum off of my purchase.

I received a promo mouse pad a few years ago. It was the best mouse pad I ever had. It worked great with my optical mouse, it was oval shaped, and it had one of those gel thing wrist rests. It died about 4 months ago. Since then, I have tried every single one of the nealy 6 dozen other gimme mouse pads that I had in a cardboard box. They all sucked. And what’s worse is that none of them had the groovy gel thing, so my poor wrist has been getting abraded because my body is not configured in an ergonomically correct manner. I found a nearly identical copy of the mouse pad at the Office Depot mentioned above. No promo printing and I actually paid for it… but my wrist is now happy. All of the other mouse pads are in the garbage.

Yesterday, I watched my neighbors spend all day packing for a one week vacation on the Texas Gulf Coast. I’ve never really seen such a production. I mean, they were working their asses off so that they could relax. Gym bag, some underwear, some shorts, some t-shirts, toiletries, a stack of reading material, a bottle of single malt… done. Raul, the cabana boy can serve my wife froo froo cocktails at water side and Maria (en fuego, en tonga) can pour my Scotch. If we have to dress up for a meal, it ain’t gonna happen. If we forget to bring something and we cannot get it there, we don’t need it.

My friend Anna celebrated her birthday this past week. She’s not old, yet. But she can see it from here. Here’s hoping the Savanah evenings are sultry and that something is always cooking in the kitchen (even if it’s food).