Struggling With Oil

The United States has one of the most intensely regulated oil industries in the world. Drilling for fossil fuels in this country is relatively safe and has a relatively low environmental impact on the environment, in comparison to other parts of the world. Production has also been regulated to the point where domestic production has fallen, not increased, to keep up with consumption. The hue and cry of “Save the Planet! is heard from coast to coast and across the globe. But it is given justification in the US. Battle is being waged over whether the bans on drilling in Alaska and the Continental Shelf will be lifted. Pelosi screams “No!” and says her only goal is to save the planet. Schumer wields his righteous indignation and demands that Saudi Arabia increase their production by a million barrels per day. What a bunch of turd blossoms.

As I said, US oil production is significantly down. We import a metric butt load of the stuff every day to feed the need. We import from Saudi, from Venezuela, Nigeria, Iraq, Russia, Libya, and more. Do you think that any of those countries have the concern for their ecosystems that we address through law? Is the pristine Saudi desert habitat somehow less valuable than our Wildlife Refuge in Alaska? Is it better to foist off drilling to nations with questionable track records on human relations, attitudes toward the US, terrorism, and disdain for their own environments? Is it better to outsource the search for fossil fuels to less capable and less diligent suppliers at the expense of our own industry and our better track record? Pelosi’s cry of “Save the Palnet!” rings hollow when the net effect is that pulling out a barrel of oil from the US has less net impact on the planet compared to when it comes out of Kazakhstan. If you are going to cry NIMBY (not in my back yard), you become a hypocrite when you encourage other folks to spoil theirs. It’s part of the reason why the rest of the world has developed a crappy attitude toward the US. “Look at those fat Americans! They can’t be bothered to drill a hole in the ground of caribou mating lands, yet we live in squalor, ruining our countryside, so that they don’t have to pay more than $4 for gasoline. The infidels will pay, though! They pay us for Allah’s tears and we build an army!”

You cannot save the planet if your actions wind up doing more harm. You cannot save the planet if you fund your enemies. Drill on your own land, fund research into alternative fuels… lead by example.


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