OfficeMax: Bite Me!

Dear OfficeMax,

I’m sorry to tell you this, but we’re through. You’ve been convenient enough. All those miscellaneous office supplies were always just around the corner… Usually at decent prices. Your staff on Fry Road (in Katy, Texas) was usually courteous and tended to smile, even though that is far from the norm these days. The products, pricing, and service are still there. But I will not be. Feel free to send all the coupons that you like (I did use them quite regularly). They will get thrown in the trash. I’m sure you really don’t care. Just as you really do not care about the 240 and some odd dollars of merchandise that I left in the checkout lane a few minutes ago.

I like paying for my purchases with American Express. I get all kinds of points that I have been able to redeem for neat stuff (computers, iPods, flat screen TV’s, and more). But I cannot use my American Express card in your stores. Well, I could, if… I were willing to allow you violate your merchant account agreement. Your “store policy”, as it was explained to me, will not allow the completion of a credit card transaction without showing ID. This is clearly defined as a no-no in your merchant account agreement if the card is already signed on the back (mine is). I use my American Express card precisely so that I do not have to show my ID. I’m a little paranoid about that kind of thing. I was told that this was for my own safety. Horse poopie! I do not need OfficeMax looking after my safety. If my American Express card had been stolen and somebody was fraudulently using it, I wouldn’t be out a dime. Oh wait, you might be. It’s really for your safety. Just to be perfectly clear: the OfficeMax store policy on credit card usage is a direct violation of their merchant account agreement.

Office Depot is across the street and now gets all of my business.


3 Responses to “OfficeMax: Bite Me!”

  1. 1 thelowpriceleader
    August 5, 2008 at 3:30 am

    Send an email to their corporate office. The store manager will respond first and probably explain the policy to you again, then you need to write the corporate office back and tell them that the store manager doesn’t understand the policy and they will escalate it to the district manager. The district manager will in turn correct this “story policy” in short order.

  2. August 5, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Already ahead of you. A letter went off to corporate and Amex merchant services.

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