Tales From The Nanny State

At what point does responsibility for one’s self simply disappear? In one part of Los Angeles, the time is now. A one year moratorium on all new fast food restaurants in South LA has been proposed by council. Now for the stats. There are about 8,200 restaurants in an area covering about 32 square miles with about a half million residents in South LA. About 30% of the kids in the area are considered obese. The proposal sailed through a vote with nary a scuffle.

It’s just gubbermint. They’re here to help you, at your expense, because you are too stupid to take care of yourself. Wait until the council finds out that more than half of the proposed new fast food restaurants could be considered “ethnic”. Then the moratorium will be found to be a violation of civil rights… Or that some of the new restaurants were being funded with economic grants to minorities from the same city council… Is the constriction of commerce in support of “helping” those who cannot be bothered to take care of themselves really a desirable goal of goverment?


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