The Test of Time

Most of us would admit that we are living in a disposable society. All it takes is a look at the prodigious amount of garbage that we create on a daily basis. It got me thinking about stuff I have that has made it for a substantial length of time (I’m in my mid 40’s) and is still doing what it supposed to do. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it’s good food for thought. What’s on your list?

  • RevereWare copper bottom pots and pans. Got these before I even got married.
  • A few t-shirts from my college days (mostly sentimental)
  • A pair of Johnston and Murphy cordovan wing tip lace up shoes
  • A Cuisinart that was a wedding present
  • A Taurus PT92 9mm pistol
  • My grandfather’s dowel jig
  • A Zebco 404 fishing reel that’s gotta be over 30 years old
  • My first paperback copy of Dune

3 Responses to “The Test of Time”

  1. July 24, 2008 at 11:48 am

    An electric pressure cooker (wedding present from the 60s)
    A waffle iron (wedding present from the 60s) I’m too lazy to go to the kitchen to see what brands they are.
    My mother’s Bernina sewing machine, purchased in the 50s
    1986 Mazda pickup
    1991 Ford F150 (I almost didn’t include this because it’s not even 20 years old yet, but it’s got over 400,000 miles on it, so… )
    A 6″ cast iron skillet that belonged to my grandmother.
    A mid-80s lawnmower, a Murray I think.

    I think I’m older than you 😉

  2. July 24, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    Registered, licensed, and driven at least weekly:
    1984 Mazda pickup
    1991 Ford F150 (over 400,000 miles)

    Bernina sewing machine purchased in the 50s

    Oster blender (70s)
    Electric pressure cooker (60s)
    Waffle iron (60s)

    My grandmother’s 6″ cast iron skillet and her cornbread stick pan, not to mention several of my mother’s cast iron pieces.

    Stainless steel buffet pans used in our restaurant from the 70s.
    Kitchen Aid stand mixer also used in same restaurant.

    Cedar chest given to my mother in the 40s

    Dining table, six chairs, and buffet purchased used (it looked ancient then) by my mother in the early 60s, recently given to my oldest daughter, so it probably doesn’t count. Also, furniture is supposed to last longer isn’t it? Though I do think a lot of the newer stuff won’t.

    Lawnmower from the 80s. A Murray, I think. Not sure. We use it now for the rough spots in the back wilderness that we’re afraid will damage the newer, much more fragile mower.

  3. July 25, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    Well, I see both my comments have finally shown up. Another indicator of my age is the difference between them.

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