Olympic Propaganda

There’s a post over at PeacefulRise about propaganda posters that are popping up all over China before the start of the Olympics. You’d think that a country with a billion people had learned some basic social intercourse skills, maybe not. The government has posters up regarding interacting with folks with handicaps, general rules of etiquette, and even a list of 8 “Don’t Asks”:

  • Don’t ask about income or expenses
  • Don’t ask about age
  • Don’t ask about love life or marriage
  • Don’t ask about health
  • Don’t ask about someone’s home or address
  • Don’t ask about personal experience
  • Don’t ask about religious beliefs or political views
  • Don’t ask what someone does

It looks like it’s okay to ask if dog is on the menu, though (it probably isn’t). I fully realize that Olympic games are more of host country political statement than a demonstration of sport. I’m pretty sure that a shir emblazoned with an image of the Dalai Lama and the expression “Let’s Roll, Tibet!” will not be appreciated…


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