The Bloody Revolution

Is it coming? And I am not talking about the Middle East or some Asian clamor or some communist Latin American dictatorship. I’m talking about the United States. People tend to forget that this country was born a little over 200 years ago in a bloody revolution. We through off the bonds of distant rule, folks who felt compelled to run our lives, and started afresh. We created a set of rules that our “founding fathers” hoped would provide the framework for a country that would not ever have to see such tyranny within its own borders again. And those same fathers provided its citizens with the means to deal with it if we do. Is it time?

We are bereft of leadership. There is no candidate for President that truly inspires greatness and the prospect of either of the current candidates running the US for four years is somewhat depressing. Government is so ingrained into our daily lives that it appears to be the very manna that each and every one of us requires to live. The machinery of government is so pervasive that it requires almost half of every dollar you make just to stay in debt. We have created a culture where we think that it is government’s duty to provide that which we cannot or should not afford, to bail out stupidity and to fund largess. We shun immigrants and try to be the world’s cop. We want to do everything and pay for nothing.

Colonel Kurz may have been the sanest one of us all. Of course, his methods were “unsound”.


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