Favre Fandango

If you were fortunate, you spent the entire weekend asleep. Otherwise, there was no way to escape the news of the Favre fracas. Brett Favre has been a fixture of the Green Bay Packers for a very long time. He’s ridden the highs and lows of both team and individual achievements and failures. There is no doubt that he is one of the best to ever play quarterback. And he’s also more indecisive than a teenager picking out a prom dress. Retire, not retire… The last few seasons’ ends have been high drama and the entire Packers team and management have been on the hook awaiting the word from on high. It’s kinda tough to make plans. Has he earned the right to change his mind? Sure. Just not a bajillion times and he should have the common courtesy to give the Packers some kind of heads up. Now he wants an unconditional release. Does anyone else remember how friggin’ bizarre it was to see Joe Montana playing for the Kansas City Chiefs? Dear Brett, you are addicted to football (and you already have some familiarity with addiction, eh?). Walk out on top and leave a shining legacy in Green Bay. And please don’t come to Houston.

What’s that, you say? Houston? Yep. If Favre is granted his release, one of the names that has come up is Houston. Yes, it would be a major climate change. But the Texans might be eager to have a Hall Of Famer like Favre shove them in the direction of the playoffs. Favre already knows Ahman Green and Houston has some very potent receivers that you may have heard of. And with prime QB’s Schaub and Rosenfels already on the roster, Favre’s presence provides interesting trade options that would further strengthen the team. It might make for an interesting 2008 season, but would likely result in eventual chaos. What would the Texans do if Favre started retirement waffling with them?


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