The Pecking Order

Youngest daughter had a craving for fast food Tex Mex today at lunch time. Yes, I know, she may be bright, but lacks common sense, especially just before swim team practice. But I digress. Eating out gave me the opportunity to observe society…

Two twenty-something IT types were were dining next to us and bemoaning their lot in life, vis a vis, their employment. They both worked for the same company (I could tell thisbecause they neglected to remove their mag strip ID badges on retractable cord thingies connected to their belts). I knew that they were IT because of the fact that their belts did not match their shoes and the content of their verbal agitation. One stated rather plaintively “I just want to know where I stand in the pecking order?”.

At the very bottom, my friend, the bottom. Folks at the bottom of corporate America don’t reallly dine at Taco Bell, much less discuss HR dissatisfaction there. I knew you were IT weenies because both of you kept on blathering about port blocking and removing apps from the desktops of the same people all the time. “They keep on breaking their own rules!” Here’s a good tip: Don’t continue to annoy people who make rules by continually flaunting the fact that they are breaking them. You’ll be stuck forever removing spyware and formatting hard drives. Wanna get ahead? Those sames folks that make the rules keep you on the bottom rung when you piss them off. Instead of whining about your sad state at Taco Bell with fellow troglodyte, why not offer to take said rule breaker to lunch (try Panera) and offer him or her a gift-wrapped IT solution that they can take corporate credit for. And then offer to help optimize his or her “stuff”. It’s called brown nosing and it is a part of corporate culture. You can play by the rules or get out.


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