Implied Warranty

If you completely forget about the forced herding through the store, there are some reasonably styled and priced items at Ikea. Don’t worry about all the names and stuff. If you are looking for a chair, you might find one that fits your budget and taste. The chair pictured above is called Poang. There is a display in the Ikea store that is sealed in Plexiglass. Inside this display is a Poang chair that is being repeatedly abused by some sort of automated machine. This gives the impression that the chair is durable. As in, gonna last a helluva long time. The only disclaimer is that it will not hold more than 350 pounds. I don’t weigh that much and neither does my wife. We don’t weigh that much together (just in case, you know, we wanted to, well…). And the chair matched the den. So we bought it. Wifey sat in it the other day and it broke. She took it back for an exchange and was told that there were no exchanges without receipt and that the time limit was 90 days, anyway. She left the broken chair in the customer service area and went and bought another one.

And it was the wrong color. I was displeased, to say the least. I took the chair back to Ikea along with a few of the shattered bits of the original chair so that I could color match. I took my ticket and waited to be called. And then I CALMLY explained why I was less than happy. The clerk did not pop a gasket or get snotty, but she did say that there was nothing she could do. I asked her if she thought I was being unreasonable and she said no… We’re going to need the manager. Manager shows up and I explain the concept of implied warranty and what their still running display means under Texas consumer law and that I am most certainly willing to make a big deal out of $65. “Your display implies that the chair is durable and that it is going to last forever. Your display doesn’t have any fine print and the only disclaimer is 350 pounds. I expect that I am going to get another chair, that you are going to issue a refund to my wife’s credit card for the amount that you should not have charged in the first place. And I expect that the new chair will not explode under teh weight of somebody less than 350 pounds.” All said calmly… under the watching eyes of about 40 customers who had gathered for the “show”. And my expectations were met. Put the chair together yesterday and noticed that there was a design and materials change in the exact area where our old chair exploded. Hmmm… Now about the $17 in gas that was wasted…


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  1. 1 Anna
    July 9, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    I was about to say my friend has that same chair and I bounce around in it all the damn time and haven’t broken it. I guess they have the new version.

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