The War Of Forever

“An attack on Iran would provoke a fierce response, the country’s oil minister warned Wednesday at the World Petroleum Congress in Madrid.” No shit Sherlock. A report from the conference states the obvious. Let’s do a bit of a review:

  • The Middle East has been in turmoil since the dawn of mankind
  • Iran is no stranger to war
  • Israel is no stranger to war
  • At one time or another, every Arab country in the region has sworn the destruction of Israel
  • Iran continues to call for Israel’s destruction
  • Iran’s leader thinks the Holocaust didn’t happen
  • Israel has potent military resources (I may not agree with everything that Israel does, but I wouldn’t want to fight ’em)
  • Iran is super-enriching atomic fuel
  • Iran is ignoring sanctions and diplomacy efforts by the UN, US, and Europe
  • Israel was able to simultaneously whip the collective asses of all of their attackers… even when those attacks started while the armed forces where spending an entire day in parayer during Yom Kippur
  • Israel is equated with the US by many Arabs… get a two fer
  • The price of oil is at an all-time high and would be driven even higher by a war
  • Iran is the #2 OPEC producer and would economically benefit from elevated oil prices
  • There will be war; it’s just a matter of when
  • Israel will obliterate Iran’s nuclear capability
  • Israel will also obliterate much of Iran’s petroleum production capability
  • Iran and the rest of the world will blame the US

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