Charity Raffle: The Silent Killer

As many of you know, I am a firearms enthusiast. My family also has a bit of a history of ass cancer. They call prostate and colon cancer a “silent killer”. So I decided to do a charity raffle on HKPRO (an HK firearms discussion forum that I help moderate). Here’s the post that I made:

Most of us on this board are male. And as such, we all have one thing in common: an irrational fear of our own a$$ holes. And now that I have stated that plainly, I will explain. Get your butt checked. If you are over 50, get a colonoscopy. Make that 40 if there is a family history of colon cancer. Get an annual physical and let the doctor play jelly finger with you. Colon cancer and prostate cancer are beatable if detected early. And by beatable, I mean cured completely in most cases.

Many folks don’t know they have it until it is too late because they don’t check or are to skittish about getting checked. You’re a guy, you shoot a gun, you can kick Chuck Norris’ butt… Have yours checked! You know how you have to go piss more often, how it wakes you up, how it doesn’t always work? It could be a sign of something as easy as an enlarged prostate (which is no big deal to treat) or it could be something worse. Go get it checked.

And to do my part, I’m setting up a raffle for one of my own silent killers! For the rest of June and the entire month of July, I will accept raffle entries for one of my lightweight .22 cans. These are generally used on a Walther P22 or SIG Mosquito. Very fun and very quiet. Entries will be $10 each and you can buy as many entries as you like. PM me for payment details. Every single solitary dollar generated by this raffle will go to bona fide, registered prostate and colon cancer research.

Now for the fine print:
If you win the raffle, you will have won a brand new .22LR caliber screw-on suppressor. Now, just because you have won it does not mean you can get it. This only includes the can and shipping the can. It does not cover any sales tax that may be due, it does not cover any transfer fee that you may get charged by your dealer (if it is a Texas winner, we’ll try to work something out), and it does not cover the BATF transfer fee that may be due. If you live in an area that does not allow the legal possession of suppressors and wind up winning, you are expected to defer your win to another drawing in the raffle. The drawing, itself, will be held on August 1st at a time and place of my choosing. I will have witnesses, etc.. I will assist with paperwork and transfers, etc..

Head on over to HKPRO if you want to participate. You’ll need to register, etc.


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  1. June 28, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    Good idea, and thanks. My husband is currently getting treatment for prostate cancer and 15 years ago he was treated for colon cancer. I credit his having a good family (PCP, or whatever label is currently in use) doctor with both being caught “in time”.

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