Sports: Do You Care?

It is pretty difficult to get through a day without hearing about some sports practitioner getting on the wrong side of the law. Steroids, domestic violence, taxes, drugs, dog fighting, and on and on. In some games, it is estimated that as many as 10% of the “stars” are on the “bad” side of the line. Some think it is a lot more than that, but let’s go with 10%. That leaves 90% on the up and up. Do those 90% deserve to be painted with the broad brush created by the 10% that are idiots?

Do you care about sports at all anymore? Or do you just look the other way because it is entertainment? Cedric Benson likes to get his swerve going on the water and behind the wheel (allegedly). He was also an NFL running back of questionable value. The Chicago Bears put up with him for a good while and then cut him. No other team has picked him up. And now a judge wants Benson’s car to be fitted with an interlock. Does Benson’s behavior impact the Bears? Michael Irvin smoked crack out of a Sprite can in a motel room full of hookers. Didn’t seem to really hurt his standing… And as for making it rain


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