Political Depression

Despair is a bit too strong of a word to describe how I am feeling. I finished reading The Dirty Dozen and am keeping watch on the current political farce known as the Presidential election. I’m troubled and depressed. The book made crystal clear that our government has, through the years, taken great liberties with the Constitution. Those liberties have come at the expense of individual liberty. Supreme Court after Supreme Court has paved the way for government expansion that runs precisely counter to the ideals of personal liberty and responsibility. Presidencies have made things up as they go along and their hand-picked Justices have paved those roads in gold. This is not what the framers’ of the Constitution had in mind. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that those old dudes in the wigs wanted to make sure that the People could toss the politicians on their ears if crap got out of hand. Bad news, the People have given the politicians all the latitude necessary to keep us in sheeple mode. And the crap is way out of hand.

Rest assured that the incoming administration will be no better. Democrap or Repukelican, government, and government regulation of our lives, will expand. There will most certainly be an expansion of power. I think that the only thing that we can truly hope for is that this expansion of power results in more people getting busted for abuse of authority.

One of the best lines from the Batman movies was when Jack Nicholson, as the Joker, pronounced that “this town needs an enema!“. Make that the whole country. And that enema needs to flush government. Do a little hunting on your own with your friend Google. Find out how many people live in the US. Then find out how many people work for government at the federal, state and local levels. Find out how many cents of every dollar you have goes to government (don’t just count your income tax… there’s sales tax, gas tax, excise tax…). Then look at all the things in your life and see how involved the government is in regulation.

Enema, indeed! Can you imagine how I will feel after reading The Federalist Papers?

June 2008
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