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Damn, I’m Tired

So last night was the big double date. Daughter and her beau and my wife. We made our way to downtown, ate at a nice, Houston landmark restaurant (Birraporetti’s) where the food was passable and the service, while moderately entertaining, basically sucked. A big glass of Chianti went a long way. The venue, Jones Hall, was a half block away and we manged to get there with plenty of time to spare. I love Jones Hall and have for decades. It’s superbly constructed, comfortable and elegant. Not bad for a building that was opened in 1966! We had the hoity toity box seats for the Eddie show and the view was fantabulous. Eddie brought a brand new routine and managed to skewer religion in a pretty dramatic fashion. He also worked in creme brulee joke, which made everything all the much better. The only downside was that toward the end of the show, Eddie forgot where he was and called us Austin. That didn’t go over too well and he realized the screw up. At the close, he got all political. Not poking fun at politics, but suggesting how folks should vote in the coming election. About a third of the crowd loudly cheered while the rest were trying to figure out how to not look like they wanted to punch him. It’s Texas…

But it was a very fun evening on the town and I got to giggle a whole lot. More shows!