Daily Condiment

While it’s true that everything that even resembles a soda in Texas is called a “Coke”, there is truly only one Dr. Pepper. Well, wait a minute. There are really two. There’s the kind that 99.99% of the masses get which is made with high fructose corn syrup… and then there is the Dublin, Texas original that is still made with pure cane sugar. Dr. Pepper turns 117 years old this week (older than the Atlanta behemoth by a bit) and it makes a helluva condiment. Yes, I said condiment. Sure, you can slug it down on a hot summer day, or you can even add salted peanuts to it and be cooler than cool… But pros will cook with it.

You can marinate with it, you can brine with it, you can even make a very nice reduction sauce with it. Now we all know that it’s mostly that glorious sugar that is doing the work, but there’s about two dozen other flavors at work, too (and prune juice ain’t one of ’em!). Go ahead, be a Pepper!


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