Daily Condiment: Caramelized Onions

Up for your gustatorial review is the venerable caramelized onion. Not grilled, not saute’d, not fried. But lovingly caramelized in a skillet for about a half hour. Start with some yellow onions <insert argument over whether Texas 1015’s are better than Vidalia’s (they are)>, a little vegetable oil, and a big pan. Heat the oil to about medium, dump in two sliced yellow onions, stir to thoroughly coat, keep stirring, stir some more. When onions start to brown, turn down the heat and keep stirring, just not as much. In about a half hour you will have onion goodness. Add it to anything. It will be better. Make up combos (shaved honey ham, gorgonzola, and caramelized onion on a rustic bread is a small bit of heaven…). Go forth and caramelize!


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