Is Resistance Futile?

I am part of exactly 187 households in the United States that does not have a gaming system. Let me clarify. I am one of the 187 households that doesn’t have one and never has. No Playstation, no Xbox, no original Nintendo, no Atari. I’ve never known the joys of obtaining the visual equivalent of an oral favor in a virtual back alley while playing Grand Theft Auto. Yes, there are more CPU’s in my house than there are mammals (4 humans, two cats). And a game can certainly be played on just about any of them. But no gaming system.

We visited Gramma over the Memorial Day weekend. She got a Wii. And my kids flipped out. There they were, hopping, swatting, swinging, punching… Not your average couch potato endeavor. And wifey has mentione the WiiFit thing that might help with my balance issues… Kids are clamoring. Should I give in?


1 Response to “Is Resistance Futile?”

  1. June 6, 2008 at 12:37 am

    Give in. If I had kids still at home, we’d have one though we never had any of the others.

    My son brought his to our Thanksgiving celebration and I’ve never laughed so hard at grown men. They enjoyed this more than football if you can believe that. Plus, the more beer the better it got. For me, as observer with wine.

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