DVR Time Bomb

According to Ars Technica, I may be sitting on a time bomb. You see, I have been a Dish Network customer for ages. And I have steadily upgraded my receivers. I now have 4 TV’s hooked up to my satellite and one of those receivers is a “DVR” or digital video recorder. The time shifting ability that this feature affords is wonderful… I can watch shows and events on MY schedule. Apparently, TiVO is a little upset because they think that Dish’s DVR feature infringes on TiVO patents. There’s an injunction that may or may not go off that could force Dish to either turn off the feature on all its receivers or pay TiVO a handsome royalty on an ongoing basis.

You know what? I’d be happy if the darned thing would just work for more than, say, a few continuous months. We bought a new uber HD TV. We upgraded to the HD DVR offering from Dish. It looked amazing and worked great for about a month. Then the receiver decided that it wanted to reboot and reprogram itself in the middle of the season finale of Gray’s Anatomy. My wife was less than thrilled. This rebooting never completed and a service tech had to come out and replace the receiver. A few days ago (less than a week since the service call), the new box started making a squeeking sound. It took us a good while to find that the annoying sound was coming from the receiver. An hour on hold with Dish tech support this morning and they are overnighting yet another receiver to me.

I want this crap fixed, I want it to stop crapping out, and I want all my features to stay.


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