Summer Slacking

I’m a Scotch kinda guy. But it’s summer, and it’s Texas, and it’s hot and humid. So I was looking for some lighter fare. Now I do like to experiment with exotic rums. Lot’s of interesting flavor to be found if one is willing to stay away from cola during the process. Most cheap rum is made from molasses or other syrupy goo. The real thing is made from cane sugar; all cane.

It begins with pure sugar canes. Each bottle is crafted with the finest handpicked canes, grown from rich Trinidadian soil, water and beautiful sunlight. Created from the first pressing of Virgin Cane. Individual canes handled ever so carefully, then double distilled to bring out their natural flavor. A decadence unachievable with molasses. Pure sugar canes, in one bottle that finds its way to you. 10Cane is the most extraordinary rum earth has ever seen. Untouched, light, smooth. It’s how rum was supposed to be.

Not a bad label hype, eh? The stuff does taste different than the cheapo rum and Coke of your youth. This stuff stands on its own with a few cubes but doesn’t weigh too heavy in the heat. Oh, and it makes a fantastic Mojito.


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