Condiment Of The Day: Phat Fat

You say that fat is not a condiment? Ah, you are wrong oh cholesterol laden one! There is fat, and then there is duck fat. Sure, you can get it in neat little plastic tubs. But the real deal is in cans. The French may have a whole host of problems with most everything in their existence, but canned goods is certainly not one of them. A can of duck fat is just the thing that you need to add flavor and depth to any meal. Little boiled potatoes? Give ’em a quick sear in a pan with a dollop of duck fat before serving. Fresh green beans, broccoli, a smidge on top of a steamed artichoke, sopped with fresh bread… It’s all good. And you don’t even have to eat in retreat mode!


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  1. May 24, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Since my mom’s from the south, I’ve always grown up believing bacon fat is a spice and, like the spices of old, must be treasured and protected. According to Southern cooking, bacon fat must be used in all forms of vegetables, brushed atop all meats while cooking (even ribeyes), whenever frying eggs… or anything else for that matter… and of course when making cornbread.

    My husband committed the sin of tossing out my can of stored, strained bacon fat once when we were first married. (In the South, that’s grounds for justifiable homicide.) For the next couple of weeks he complained that dinner “didn’t taste right”, which led me to point out how he’d ruined it by tossing the stuff out. Last time we were in Texas he bought me a nice little crockery jar which says, in big block letters: “Bacon Fat. Guard With Your Life.”

  2. May 24, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Anyone that is capable of opening the fridge door in my house is warned of the consequences of throwing out anything that even resembles fat. Fat is good. Just enough for flavor… ‘Cept for breakfast. That is when you can overboard. Fry up the bacon in a cast iron skillet. Transfer to the top of a brown grocery bag to drain a bit. While munching on the bacon (it may or may not make it to the eggs part), drop in the desired quantity of eggs into the hot bacon fat. Do not worry about the color of the eggs. Cook until they are set as much as you like. Dash of black pepper. Scarf. Oh, and bacon fat is nearly orgasmic for making popcorn…

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