The World Is Screwed

I read the news today, oh boy. The junta in Myanmar has decided to not only screw themselves, but screw their own population even worse than the monster cyclone did. Forget that at least 62,000 people are dead or missing although how that number was determined is beyond me. Forget that over a million people are homeless. The thugs in charge have confiscated the World Food Programs shipment of food and equipment. That included at least 38 tons of high energy biscuits. No reason was given. Oh, those same thugs will not grant visas to foreign aid workers. What bunch of candy coated f*ck nuts.

The Democratic primary will not be decided on by the people, despite Hillary Clinton’s opinion. “I think we ought to keep this going so the people of West Virginia’s voices are heard.” Horse crap. The voting population will not matter one teensy flip in this spectacle. The “super delegates” of the Democratic party, the unelected by the people power brokers that decide whats best for the party, will make the decision. There are not enough delegates left in the race to let the people decide.

The price of oil went over $125 per barrel. Joy.

Applications for concealed handgun licenses (CHL’s) in Texas are up nearly 40%
over last year. Good. Restrictive gun laws mean more crime. When more firearms are in the hands of law-abiding, responsibly trained citizens, crime goes down. The down side is that the Texas Department of Public Safety, the agency that process applications, is way behind in processing new applications and even further behind with renewals. Plan ahead.

This is a giant sink hole in Daisetta, Texas. It’s located a bit east of where I live in the Houston area. It started out as a few cracks in the ground on Wednesday morning and has grown to an enormous chasm. A good friend of mine works for the Daisetta police department and I have done several firearms classes with him and his chief of police. I would imagine that they have their hands full.

And this just in from the “Teens Are Stupid” desk: Three teens in the Houston area were arrested on charges of abuse of a corpse. What did they do? They burgled a grave just north of Houston, cracked open the casket, removed the skull, and used said skull as a bong to smoke some marijuana.

Yep. We are all screwed.


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