The Road To Hell

Or maybe it’s the road from hell or through hell? Whatever it is, it’s had a whole lot of Texans in a lather for quite some time. It’s the planned Interstate 69/Trans-Texas Corridor. f it is built, the corridor likely will start out as a four-lane divided tollway. Eventually, the Texas Department of Transportation could expand it to 1,200 feet in places, with toll lanes for cars and trucks; tracks for freight and passenger trains; and space for pipelines, power lines and communications. The exact route has yet to be determined. TxDOT has recommended the route come from a study corridor, ranging from a quarter-mile to four miles wide, between Texarkana and Mexico. Most of the route will stay close to U.S. 59, the agency says, but to speed traffic around Houston, it veers through rural land west of the city.

Lemme translate that for you. It will be built, whether we need it or not, regardless of whose land gets taken or whose feathers get ruffled, it will seize property through eminent domain, it will split communities and cause ill will. And there’s not a damn thing that can be done to stop it. “Hillary in the White House? Who cares! They’re cuttin’ my ranch in two so the Mexicans can get up north quicker with their crap and drugs!” Or some such.


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