No Time For You!

I’ve always been fascinated by truly complex timepieces. They are, indeed, masterpieces of engineering, miniaturization, and art. For various reasons, I had to stop wearing a watch and my fondness for them grew instead of waned. So of course, I was taken aback when I saw this feature in the Wall Street Journal. The watch features two tourbillons — devices that overcome the ill effects of earth’s gravity on a watch’s accuracy — connected by a differential mechanism. Instead of hands, the watch has a “contemplative tourbillon operation whereby the ‘Day’ tourbillon operates for 12 hours to symbolize working life, while the ‘Night’ tourbillon takes over afterward to represent an individual’s private time.”

And that is all that it does. It tells day from night, albeit very accurately. No hours, minutes, or seconds. No moon phases, seasons, or whatnot. And it’s built from salvaged metal from the Titanic and the shipyard that created her. All for $300,00. Or you could just look out a window…


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