Excellent Customer Service

I used an awful lot of American Express points to finally break down and buy a ginormous flat screen TV. Of course, I wanted it instantly, but anything that big is going to take a good bit to get delivered. Or so I thought. CEVA was contracted as the “white glove” delivery service. I was given a tracking number and saw that it was going to take about 8 days to deliver the TV. As I poked in to check on it’s progress, I noticed that the estimated delivery date was actually getting earlier, not later. Yesterday, I got a call from a delightful young lady who asked me if I would mind having my TV delivered the next day (today). Somewhat stunned, I said sure.  She told me that the driver would be at my house between 1-5:00pm. No problem… I should have known that they would arrive at 1:01pm (really). Clean, professional, efficient and very courteous. Not bad at all for a company that I had never even heard of.

I can’t wait for hi-def football…


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