Why Vegas Sux

Straight from VegasRex

If you go to Vegas and you leave your “resort” you will be verbally assaulted by dozens of folks trying to solicit you for mostly porn. They are persistent, insistent, and obnoxious. They will also kick your ass if you aren’t careful.

Oh yeah, Vegas has also become more expensive, you get nailed for everything from Internet access to resort fees, the gambling odds are getting worse, the rooms cost more, the food costs more, the buffets are getting crappier…


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  1. April 26, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    It reminds of my first time in Vegas. Not knowing anything about the place I booked at the Riviera because it seemed so cheap on it’s “on the strip.” Little did I know how many porn slappers would be outside. The North strip is changing thank god but unsavory people are still around.

    The reactions of the bystanders is just as telling. It makes you wonder what the alcohol level of the average guy on the street it.

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