Firearms Practice Is Priceless

Most gun ranges are, well, crappy. That’s because they have to deal with the general public, which is a major safety issue. Why? Because the general public is either:

  1. Totally ignorant of safe firearms handling procedures
  2. Overestimating their own abilities
  3. Trying to show off for their girlfriend
  4. Incapable of taking advice or instruction
  5. Some or all of the above

That’s where private gun ranges, such as The Impact Zone, in Hempstead, Texas, truly shine. A private gun range can pretty much set their own criteria for membership. At the Impact Zone, the owner has to be convinced that you are competent and safe with firearms. In exchange, you get to do things that a public range would never allow. You can practice practical and tactical shooting, drawing from a holster, shooting at steel targets, participate in scenarios, and use fully automatic and suppressed weapons. And everyone is safe. Look at the awnings at a public range and you are likely to see all kinds of holes. That really doesn’t happen at private ranges. People are safe, respectful, considerate, helpful, and happy. And training is always welcome. Go figure. Shown above is a picture from an HKPRO.com sub-machinegun course that was recently held at The Impact Zone. That’s me with my hand on my hip while helping out as a range safety officer.


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