It’s About The Brush

Most people think of a brush as something to arrange that mop on their heads. Not so much. As with everything, you’ve got to use the right tool for the job. Take that hairbrush, for instance. The $1.29 special at the grocery store really doesn’t do you much good. Spend the money and get yourself a genuine boar bristle brush (one that is suitable for your hair length). Your scalp will feel better, your hair will look better and your dandruff just might subside. Got leather shoes?

Then you better have some horse hair brushes. Leather needs care. Shoes need a lot more care than you are probably willing to give, but the very least should be regular brushing with a horse hair brush.

Plagued by pet hair? Get one of those brushes with the slender, rubberized fingers. Rolling up packing tape, inside out, around your hand and patting the sofa will not get you very far.

Have a beard? If you have any sense, you keep it trimmed (along with that mustache). Those little pieces of stubble get flung everywhere (eyes, nose, neck, skin, etc.) and will become irritating. Get them banished pronto with a small straw whisk brush and some talcum powder.

Right tool, indeed!


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