Hand Cannon

They say that good things come to those who wait. I waited. What I wanted was a bit out of the ordinary. I wanted a very special pistol. I love the 10mm round and I wanted something that was designed for concealed carry. My choice was to combine a Commander sized slide on a full size 1911 frame and have the grip bobtailed. Now, the configuration is not all that abnormal, but the caliber choice established some interesting challenges, especially for the rounds that I wanted to shoot. Oh, and I wanted the thing accurized for that round and zero’d at 15 yards. My good friend, Larry Lyles, at Nighthawk Custom, told me that if I had patience, he would have his ‘smiths create something I’d be proud of. Let’s just say that Larry delivered. I have never had a gun that shoots sub-quarter inch groups (center to center). I’m fairly certain that I will never be able to shoot as well as this gun can, but I’m gonna try. Lemme know if you want a list of all the custom features that this fine weapon incorporates. And I’ll be happy to have one built for you and sell it to you (all federa and stae laws apply, of course)… You’ll just have to be patient.


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