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Tasty Basketball


I’ll be the first to admit that my chosen sport of insanity is the National Football League. Professional basketball has always struck me as a “last four minutes” kind of thing. The only part of the seaon that’s worth watching is the last four minutes… The last four minutes of a game, the last four minutes of the playoffs… Everything else is just posturing and kinda boring. My hometown Rockets, though, have a little different story. You may have heard that they have the second longest winning streak in NBA history going on right now at 21 games. And this is without the “great Wall Of China”, Yao Ming. I’ve watched a few games and they have been downright fun.

All of that is put on the line this afternoon when the Rockets play the LA Lakers. The Lakers and the Rockets are currently tied for forst place in the Western Conference. The winner of this game gets sole ownership of the leader board and the streak is on the line. Heady stuff, eh?