True Hope

I am of the opinion that one of the keys to happiness is regularity.  Wake up, answer about two dozen emails, take a crap.  Sometimes, I’ll manage to get in another one after the morning coffee. I can also understand the frustration of folks who are not so timely. Take, for instance, the case of a Witchita, Kansas woman. Sometimes it takes a little longer for nature to complete its mission. This woman was willing to stick with it. She sat on the crapper for two years.  The 35 year old woman’s skin had grown around the seat and a hospitel had to finish the removal that was started with a pry bar. Everyone, including police, are trying to figure out why she was there for so long, why her boyfriend (who brought her food and water) didn’t call authorities sooner, etc. I’m guessing she was always “almost” there…


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