Gun Buyback Truth Revealed


They don’t work. As a case in point, take a recent large scale buy back in Oakland. State Senator Don Pereta (a misguided Democrap) offered to buy handguns and assault weapons for $250 each, “no questions asked, no ID required.” The “One Less Gun” buyback program attracted so many eager sellers that the money quickly ran out, but instead of closing up shop, the police handed out IOUs good for a future buyback. The Oakland police are now stuck with a bill for $170,000.

Now let’s have a look at the details of this little government giveaway. Hey, the Oakland police bought a dozen guns from seniors living in an assisted living facility. That’s a relief. And was anyone surprised when a lot of the folks standing in line were licensed gun dealers? Maybe. Because nobody thought to find out what a cheap gun was going for these days. There were lot’s of dealers standing in line ready to make a profit off of another government program… legally. I’ve done this, too. I bought several cheap little .22 pistols (otherwise known as Saturday Night Specials), that I had no intention of using, for $50 a piece. My area had a gun buyback at $100 per that got you Wal*Mart gift certificates. Sold all three of those pistols and bough $300 worth of ammo from Wally World. But I digress. I just wanted to point out that people are not as stupid as the government hopes they are.

Some basic rules to help understand the whole gun thing:

  • Criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. As such, laws don’t work on them. Telling them they cannot have a gun is just as effective as telling them they cannot steal your car or burglarize your house. They break laws.
  • The sickos that walk into a mall and start shooting them up are breaking many laws. Do you honestly think that banning guns (or anything else) will prevent a criminal or psycho from acting like a criminal or psycho?
  • Since heaping on more legislation seems to not be working so well, do you suppose that stronger enforcement of existing laws is in order? Maybe if folks new that they would really be punished for robbery or killing somebody…? It doesn’t matter where the gun/car/knife/bat came from. Break the law, get punished.
  • Ah, forget it. Some of you understand this stuff. Some of you never will.

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