Nazi’s: Still Getting Busted After 50 Years

While there are those who will deny that the Holocaust ever took place, the fact of the matter is that there were 10’s of millions of people, Jews and non-Jews, who simply obliterated in all modes of death by folks who thought that it was okay (or even fun) to just do what they were told. The world and international justice has spent the better part of a half century bringing those responsible for such atrocities to trial. Many of these practitioners of malevolence fled to South Amercia where they tried to blend into obscurity.

Michael Seifert, a Nazi guard at a prison camp in Bolzano, Italy, was convicted in absentia. His sentence detailed that he had tortured his victims with fire, broken bottles, clubs and ice-cold water. The 83-year old had been hiding out in Canada, Toronto, eh? He was extradited on Saturday to serve his life sentence in Italy. It appears as though hell is over-booked.


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