Man Up

Who’s the “man” you want to go to war with? Okay not the real war where lives hang in the balance, but the war known as the NFL. When the San Diego Chargers played the reigning Indianpolis Colts a little more than a week ago during the playoffs, they had a few injuries.  Their star QB, Philip Rivers, and star RB, LaDanian Tomlinison both messed up knees. They still managed to beat the Colts. It was dramatic.

Fast forward to this past weekend. The Chargers were matched against the undefeated New England Patriots <queue stirring football theme>. There was Philip Rivers, in a knee brace that looked eerily like high rise building scaffolding. He was listed as questionable for the game, but there he was, about as mobile as a cinder block. LaDanian was determined to play, as well. Signature dark visor affixed to his helmet… this game was to determine who went to the Superbowl and who went home. The Patriots were the team of destiny, the Chargers in the role of anything is possible.

They came ready to play in an icy mix of cold and wind, playing for it all on the home field of New England. LaDanian Tomlinson had two rushes for five yards. He caught a pass for 1 yard. He left the game with 9:45 left on the clock in the first quarter with a sore knee. It appears there are different kinds of sore knees. You see, Rivers needed surgery after he got injured in Indy. Rivers got scoped, strapped on a brace, probably got shot up with enough lidocaine to numb an entire rave party, and put the Chargers on his back. Ultimately, he got beat. And Rivers is going to need yet another more extensive surgery to undo the additional damage he did.

Yes, I realize that it’s just a game. But it is sometimes a game that reveals character and desire. Tomlinson said he’ll probably sit out the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. I’m wondering why. Nobody takes that game seriously, especially the players.


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