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I’m a Pet Lover

I’m just not a lover of your pet. Okay, maybe not you, in particular. But you, you know who you are. You are the irresponsible pet owner. Or the one who is in over his head. Or the clueless pet owner, or the indifferent pet owner. I really do not like the results of your action (or inaction). A pet requires a commitment. It also requires responsibility. If you do not understand these things, you should not have a pet.

  • Putting the dog out to bark all night and through the early morning hours is lazy and rude. Train your dog to behave.
  • Allowing your kitty to roam about the neighborhood pissing and crapping everywhere is also rude. In many places, it’s also illegal for your pet to not be on a leash.
  • Congratulations if you have worked with your dog to the point where a leash is not needed. However, if that dog comes charging at my kid, my wife, or me, I’m going to kill it.
  • Your kitty scratched up my Japanese Maple in my front yard. See the second point.
  • Your dog keeps getting out of your yard. Consider investing in a better fence or chain him up.
  • How sweet. You got your child a pet. Now train your child how to handle the pet. A solid hour of screaming at the dog (who doesn’t understand English) or being drug around by it’s collar is not going to make for a well-bonded relationship.
  • Clean up your mess. When you take your dog for a walk and it craps in my yard, clean up your mess. Yes, it’s your mess. I don’t dump the garbage from my jaunt to Arby’s in your yard…
  • If your pets get loose, there are a few things you should be aware of:
    • Poochy or Kitty is gonna try to get busy. Make sure he or she is sterilized.
    • There’s nasties out there. Make sure that vaccinations are in order.
    • A collar should be worn by your pet with identifying information. Else, Animal Control is gonna haul off the animal or it’s going to be taken care of by other means.
    • Following on the last, you shouldn’t really be surprised when the pet does not return.
  • Holiday pets are a stupid idea. Easter bunnies and chicks, etc.
  • Exotic animals (alligators, pythons, etc.) require a LOT of extra work. Realize that screwing up can wind up with you or the neighbor’s pet being consumed by said pet.

Lest you think that I am anti-pet, I am not. I currently have two cats who are wonderful animals and never leave my house. I’ve been a responsible pet owner all of my life and have no intention of not being so. I have seen happy, wonderful “dog families” and “cat families” in lots of places. I encourage them. Pets require work. Some peole are work averse. If you are one of these people, don’t have a pet.


Confederate Flag: American Swastika?

Since it’s election time and folks are now trying to conjure up votes in the South… The subject of the flying of the Stars & Bars is popping up again. There’s lot’s of books written on the subject and blog posts going back several years. From a blog post…

I grew up with the Confederate Flag and there was never any question what it meant. The South would rise again, that’s what the Confederate Flag meant. We flew the Confederate Flag at my high school. the Confederate Flag appeared on bumpers, T-shirts, and other paraphernalia. “Dixie gonna do it again!” and similar slogans accompanied Confederate Flag.

There was simply no question. The Confederate Flag is not a symbol of heritage. That should have been obvious enough in Mississippi, where more people fought for the Union than the Confederacy, and yet the Confederate Flag’s defenders insist it is part of that state’s “heritage.” No. It’s part of the “heritage” of that minority of Mississippians whose “heritage” involved the subjection of the rest. That’s their “heritage.” Hey, if the pointy hat fits, wear it.

So, if you’re going to attack a people, demonize and destroy their language and religion, hold them up as a threat to civilization and “your” womanhood, destroy their families, rape, murder, mutilate, crush them in labor camps and then, when someone justifiably smacks your racists ass, take the whole murderous shame underground, don’t be surprised when your precious symbol, the sign of all you hold holy and all the world recognizes as the sigil of your sickness, becomes, quite simply, your Swastika. That’s all the Confederate Flag which is not the real Confederate Flag will ever be, now.

It’s The American Swastika.

Is it?