Today’s Suck Corporation: Ford!


You see that car up there? I own one. A 1965 Mustang coupe. In the same nasty poppy red, too, but mine is very faded and waiting for a paint job. Why am I telling you about the fact that I have one of the only objects of lust that is able to compete with most teen-aged boys’ fantasies? Because I cannot make a calendar out of it. I first heard about this on Dvorak Uncensored. Now the story is beginning to take on a life of its own. The gist of it is this: The Black Mustang Club has been using Cafepress to gin up all kinds of schwag for their passion. Mugs, shirts, and calendars. Since Ford has dropped to number 4 in sales rankings, their lawyers are a little bored. So Ford lawyers sent an injunction warning(warning: link is swamped, try the cache) to BMC saying that the calendars are copyright violations. That’s right… Ford’s lawyers contend that it is illegal for you to take a picture of your own car, to put in a calendar that supports your own Ford fan club.

I may kinda get the whole “using our trademarks and copyrights to support a money making venture”. But not to the point where you are killing the very people who are still supporting you. And if one follows the lawyers’ thought process, would I be unable to put a picture of my Mustang in the paper if I decided to sell it?

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