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Rookie Mistake

The Patriots are rolling. They won all of their regular season games without a single loss. They set touchdown records for QB and WR. They won their first playoff game yesterday in their bid to become the completely undefeated champions of the NFL. Jacksonville lost. It was a good game, but they lost. Their plan was to put superstar Randy Moss in double and triple coverage for most of the game. That just opened up the rest of Brady’s bunch. Jaguars’ rookie safety, Reggie Nelson,¬†whined that “It was a dump-down game. Anybody can go 26-of-28 in a dump-down game.” What he was referring to was the fact that Brady availed himself of check downs and dump passes that opened up. Nelson was wrong about the fact that anyone can do that. Fact of the matter is that nobody ever had. That 26 of 28 for a 92.9% completion rate broke Vinnie Testaverde’s regular season record of 91.3% and Phil Simms’ playoff record of 88%. So not just anybody can do it. Seems as though just about anybody can lose to the Pats, though.

A note to Mr. Nelson: concentrate more on playing as a team instead of worrying about stats or the way another team is playing you. The Jags have huge potential and whining should not be a part of their future.