George Gabrielle Daoud Is a Scummy Spammer


For years, this pond scum has been sending regular emails to my personal and work email accounts. He owns some kind of crappy pipe maker in Lebanon and seems to delight in sending me (and a lot of other folks) unsolicited emails trying to get retail partners for his smoking pipes. I’ve asked him to stop sending his spam. I’ve reported his spam to his ISP and through SpamCop. Yet Georgie doesn’t seem to get the idea that spam is not a great marketing plan. I’d normally brush this off, but Georgie libriar@inco.com.lb doesn’t see anything wrong with “getting my address from the chamber of industry and commerce” and flooding me with his crap. Did I mention that he enjoys putting nearly 2 meg of jpg attachments with all of his spam? Feel free to let him know anything you like…


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