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The World of Billary

The first poll taken entirely after the Iowa Caucuses, has Barack Obama jumping to a 10 point lead over Hillary Clinton. America swalloed a political line of crap when the Dems told them that the Repubs were hosing the country in Congress. Dems were given the majority and we’re still getting hosed, not to mention that the Dems are not accomplishing anything. Billary goes stumping for change in her whiney, shrill voice, and gets all upset because she thinks that folks are picking on her. Never mind that she doesn’t ever really answer a question. Then she loses in Iowa and complains loudly that she “deserves” this more than anyone, she’s got more experience, etc. I think the voters are through with it.

I’m probably wrong, but Hillary represents all that is bad in old school politics, even if she is a woman. People don’t want somebody who can work the room. They want somebody who can build a new room. And that is assuming that they want change at all. Remember, folks are damn happy if the pork is still being brought to their own home. Maybe Hillary can hook up with Gore and work on saving the world together… Let them start in, say, Nigeria. Work on that spam thing. I’m sure a big chunk of the world would be elated.