Note To Stepson: You’re Fired!

The Texas Longhorn team wasn’t playing for the championship or the BCS bonnet. But they were playing in the Holiday Bowl against the Arizona State Sun Devils. Sure, it was the capper to a somewhat frustrating season for those whose blood bleeds burnt orange. After all, the Aggies just whooped up on Turkey Day. But even Sun Devils QB Rudy Carpenter (pictured above) was confused about some of the tumult on the field.

With the Longhorns leading 21-0 and the Sun Devils driving early in the second quarter, ASU’s Rudy Carpenter dropped back to pass and was hit by linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy. The ball squirted backward, toward the Longhorns’ sideline.  Chris Jessie, a member of his stepfather’s (head coach Mack Brown) football operations staff, stepped about a yard onto the field and was motioning toward a player when he reached down and appeared to touch the ball with his left thumb. Texas defensive tackle Roy Miller slapped the ball away from the sideline and defensive end Aaron Lewis recovered and returned it to about the ASU 44. After a 12-minute review, officials reversed the play. They ruled that Jessie touched the ball, which is illegal interference, an unsportsmanlike foul. The ball reverted to the Sun Devils and Texas was penalized half the distance to the goal, giving ASU fourth-and-3 at the 7. Carpenter threw a touchdown pass to Chris McGaha.

The camera kept focusing on Jessie for the rest of the game showing his pained expression. I’m pretty certain that Pa told him to stay the hell away from the sideline. If Jessie is smart, he’ll parlay this into one of those Southwest Airlines “Want To Get Away” commercials. The Longhorns won the game 52 to 17.


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