Stupid Tats

I understand that there are a lot of folks who get tats for very good reasons. A statement about themselves, a form of art, a method of protest against “the man”. But there’s a whole ‘nother realm of abject stupidity that can go along with getting a tat. The first is having a cartoon character indelibly mated to your skin for life. This is never a good idea. Another is the peer-pressure dare. Are you sure you’re even gonna like these folks after a year, much less twenty? Then there’s the drunken “it seemed like a good idea at the time” tattoo. Shall we even consider getting your significant other’s name engraved in your flesh? Not so much when you cannot even remember her middle name and are with somebody else.

All of these pale in comparison, though, to getting the words “HOT ROD” tattooed on your penis. Talk about your exercise in pain management! Of course said recipient of tat is an owner of a strip club named Sean Dubowik. The growing problem (sorry, couldn’t resist) is that Sean was having a gall bladder procedure at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Arizona. His doctor saw the tat while the trusty catheter was being installed and couldn’t resist snapping a picture or two with his cell phone. That doctor is the Chief Resident of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Adam Hansen. Hansen had been sharing the photo with other staff members (sorry, I’ll try to restrain myself) and one of them decided to tip off the Arizona Republic newspaper.

I’m thinking that Hansen is going to need to find a new place to work…


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