Politics Gone Mad!


It’s enough to make you actually get completely dressed while you sip your morning joe and peruse the news…  Big shock here, Putin will be the prime minister. Former US Vice Presidential candidate of the Democrats, Joe Lieberman, has endorsed Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain. Let’s see, French President SarkoZEE is getting jiggy with supermodel turned pop tart, Carla Bruni. The Dolphins finally won a game (okay, that’s not political, but it is historic!). And the Saudi King has pardoned a woman who had the temerity to get herself raped (and sentenced to among other things, 200 lashes.

Oh, Dan Fogelberg died after a bout with prostate cancer. Kinda makes the fact that Russia is delivering nuclear fuel to Iran somewhat anti-climactic. It’s 35 degrees in Katy… enjoy your day!


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