Attacked By The Tree!

This year has marked the end of a tradition for us. We have had the same glass bulb Christmas ornaments for decades. We’ve been using them over and over and even keep them on display in a giant glass vase during the rest of the year. What we haven’t had was Kidney. She of the demonically possessed feline persuasion. Kidney is enamored of the glass ornaments and is convinced she can be “just like Mike” with them. Six crashes later, all the glass is off the tree. The other cat just watches all this and snickers in lazy kitty derision. So how am I rewarded? Kidney decides that the tree (artificial with a VERY sturdy base) is now her own very personal jungle gym and pilates studio. I’m sauntering through the house this morning, bedecked in my boxers and a t-shirt from the 80’s, mug of cafe crema in hand… when I stop to admire the tree. Not too bad for a Jew, I think. And then two paws flare out of the tree at head level just like a giant squid’s grasping tentacles. I bobble the coffee but Kidney stays neatly ensconced in the tree… daring me to reach in and retrieve her. Wonderful.


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